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Attorney General Laxalt Releases Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program

November 11, 2016


Business Case in Honor of Veterans Day November 11, 2016 (NV) Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt is pleased to announce the completion of the business case for the Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE Program. The program was officially launched one year ago in November, 2015, and is the nation’s first attorney general-led, public-private partnership offering our military communities access to pro bono civil legal services. In practice, the program pairs military Service members in need of legal assistance with pro bono private legal counsel for civil matters including consumer fraud, military rights, immigration, landlord/tenant, predatory lending and creditor/debtor issues. The program also provides monthly workshops dedicated to drafting free wills and powers of attorney for Nevada veterans across the state.

The @EASE program strives to bolster military readiness by providing Service members with the knowledge that the program has the capacity to manage legal affairs in their absence—putting our Service members @EASE. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense named the Office a “Best Practice Program,” and recommended that the program be duplicated in states throughout the country. The program has partnered with the Nevada State Bar, County Bars and numerous statewide legal organizations to recruit more than 150 local attorneys willing to represent our Service members and their families free of charge.

“Today, on behalf of all Nevadans, I salute the millions of veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting the life and liberty of all Americans, and hope you will join me in extending our deepest gratitude for their service,” said Attorney General Adam Laxalt. “Nevada is home to an estimated 11,400 active duty military members, 7,620 reserve members and over 228,000 veterans, and the Office of Military Legal Assistance @EASE program, through its pro bono partnerships, is proud to have helped Nevada’s Service members and veterans handle over 900 pro bono matters in its first year. With the completion of this business case, there is now empirical data justifying the need for this program and a roadmap to support efforts to form legal assistance offices in other states. It is my hope that this program will demonstrate a commitment to our military communities for years to come, and that eligible Nevadans will continue to take advantage of these services.

” For more information about the program, visit . Nevada attorneys hoping to volunteer pro bono hours to the program should email Heather Cooney at

flapjack fundraiser

Attached is the flyer for the flapjack fundraiser. NVF flapjack 6-10-17

please pass this to all your friends in las vegas

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Fwd: New home for Veteran with Purple Heart

  New home for Veteran with Purple Heart PURPLE HEART PATRIOTS ! ! !     Do you know of a Purple Heart recipient who may qualify for a free home.  I've been advised that a Former NFL Hall of Fame player is donating this house In FULL.  What a great opportunity.  The deadline has been extended for FIVE DAYS so quick action is necessary!

Details below.  Contact Eva Secchiari.


1. Post 9/11 combat injury

2. Purple Heart recipient

3. 100% disabled by VA or DOD

4. Injuries include either loss of limb, paralysis or blindness

5. Current living situation not suitable for injuries

Eva Secchiari
Founder/President & Executive Director
LifeAfterActiveDuty. 501(c ) (3) nonprofit
(702) 497-8744
DBA Veterans Transition Resource Center
Co-Founder/Executive Director & CEO

2550 Nature Park Drive Suite 200, North Las Vegas  NV 89084

Phone (702) 954-6300

Direct Line (702) 954-6302

Fwd: FlapJack Fundraiser Flyer






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Please see attached flyer (In .png format for web posting). Request Widest dissemination.

We still need volunteers to serve.

So far I have two Volunteers, Cathy Breedlove (NVEnergy) and Peggy Randal (WVON). Volunteers should arrive between 730-745 on June 10th.

We have 100 tickets (pre-event) we can get more printed.

Julie-10 tickets

Karen-10 tickets

Sheila-12 tickets

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Fw: NSVH Receives Awards

February 13, 2017

CONTACT: Terri Hendry, Cell (775) 525-4674
Nevada State Veterans Home receives top honors
for exceptional patient care




(Boulder City, NV) – The Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada earned the Pinnacle Quality Insight Customer Experience Award. Also, the 180 bed home that serves veterans, spouses and Gold Star parents received the highest rating from with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
Pinnacle Quality Insight is a nationally recognized customer satisfaction firm serving as a senior healthcare advocate for more than 20 years. The Customer Experience Award was established to ensure every resident or patient receives exceptional assistance and care from his or her provider.
Over the past 12 months, Pinnacle Quality Insight interviewed family members with loved ones in the Nevada State Veterans Home. The Home qualified for the Pinnacle Quality Insight Customer Award the previous year but this time the Home achieved more awards overall. This time, the Home received 23 awards in three neighborhoods in 12 areas of customer satisfaction: Activities, Admission Process, Cleanliness, Communication from Facility, Dignity and Respect, Dining Service, Individual Needs, Nursing Care, Overall Customer Experience, Overall Satisfaction, Recommend to others and Safety and Security.
Additionally, as of February 1, 2017, the Nevada State Veterans Home maintained its 5 star rating from Administrator Linda Gelinger said, "I am so proud of the wonderful team we have at the Home." She added, "The team works hard every single day in honor of our veterans and to ensure our veterans are well cared for."
The 5 star rating has become more coveted in the skilled care industry with an increase in strict criteria by the Federal agency in recent months. To achieve this level of distinction takes dedication and commitment to quality each and every day.

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Department of Defense Announces Successful Micro-Drone Demonstration


Press Operations

Release No: NR-008-17
Jan. 9, 2017

In one of the most significant tests of autonomous systems under development by the Department of Defense, the Strategic Capabilities Office, partnering with Naval Air Systems Command, successfully demonstrated one of the world’s largest micro-drone swarms at China Lake, California. The test, conducted in October 2016 and documented on Sunday’s CBS News program “60 Minutes”, consisted of 103 Perdix drones launched from three F/A-18 Super Hornets. The micro-drones demonstrated advanced swarm behaviors such as collective decision-making, adaptive formation flying, and self-healing.  

“I congratulate the Strategic Capabilities Office for this successful demonstration,” said Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who created SCO in 2012. “This is the kind of cutting-edge innovation that will keep us a step ahead of our adversaries. This demonstration will advance our development of autonomous systems.”

“Due to the complex nature of combat, Perdix are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, they are a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature,” said SCO Director William Roper. “Because every Perdix communicates and collaborates with every other Perdix, the swarm has no leader and can gracefully adapt to drones entering or exiting the team.”

The demonstration is one of the first examples of the Pentagon using teams of small, inexpensive, autonomous systems to perform missions once achieved only by large, expensive ones. Roper stressed the department’s conception of the future battle network is one where humans will always be in the loop. Machines and the autonomous systems being developed by the DoD, such as the micro-drones, will empower humans to make better decisions faster.

Originally designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering students, the Perdix drone was modified for military use by the scientists and engineers of MIT Lincoln Laboratory starting in 2013. Drawing inspiration from the commercial smartphone industry, Perdix software and hardware has been continually updated in successive design generations. Now in its sixth generation, October's test confirmed the reliability of the current all-commercial-component design under potential deployment conditions—speeds of Mach 0.6, temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius, and large shocks—encountered during ejection from fighter flare dispensers.

The “60 Minutes” segment also featured other new technology from across the Department of Defense such as the Navy’s unmanned ocean-going vessel, the Sea Hunter, and the Marine Corps’ Unmanned Tactical Control and Collaboration program.

As SCO works with the military Services to transition Perdix into existing programs of record, it is also partnering with the Defense Industrial Unit-Experimental, or DIUx, to find companies capable of accurately replicating Perdix using the MIT Lincoln Laboratory design. Its goal is to produce Perdix at scale in batches of up to 1,000.

Editor’s Note:

A fact sheet about Perdix can be found here.  

Perdix video footage: